AZTech provides integrated, complete solutions of reliability and performance for both local and wide area networks. We tailor your needs with the best technologies available on the market in order to meet your corporate needs and guarantee both cost effectiveness and quality of service. We offer our clients to handle their networks from scratch. Starting design, structured cabling, equipping, configuration and setting, and last but not least securing.

In our seek for ultimate performance we deploy the latest and most advanced networking technologies manufactured by world top vendors. Since we believe that the network transmission media is almost the most important network component we carefully surveyed the international market and selected Superior Modular to be on top of our list when it comes to strutted cabling products.

For routers and access servers Lucent Technologies is our most favorite choice. Lucent also delivers a wide range of public and private network communications systems and software, optical and data networking systems, business telephone systems and microelectronic components in addition to firewalls.

Regarding switches Extreme Networks Gigabit switches is our pick. The key advantages of Extreme Switches are quality performance and stability. Extreme summit Stackable and Black Diamond chassis switches share the same hardware, software and management architecture so clients can build end-to end networking systems that have consistent functionality, performance and management.

For caching systems we found that Cache flow is on top of other caching systems vendors.  Cache flow builds and sells content-smart networking appliances and services that accelerate, manage, and distribute static, streaming, dynamic and application content.

In AZTech we never stop surveying the networking and communication market looking for the best products that optimally fulfill our customers needs.

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