Sales & Hardware

In AZtech we set sights on gaining our customers utmost satisfaction. Thats why we were eager to become resellers for some of the most well  known   hardware vendors in order to supply our customers with equipments of excellent quality.

As for computers and peripherals;  AZTech  delivers both low and high-end computer solutions with valuable support. We supply you with what ever you need. Whether you are looking for high quality original PC and servers, or you prefer adequate modular price equipments we offer you the best possible quality and prices.

When It comes to printers, we proudly introduce Kyocera Mita. Each of Kyocera Mita printers offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class. As the only reseller in Sudan, AZTech offers the lowest cost per page laser printing solutions. Kyocera Mita has a wide range of products plus the value added support providers complete document management solutions.

For communications related hardware such as modems, ISDN modems, ISDN routers AZTech    deals with CISCO - D-link products that has proven to be the best in the market.

AZTech hardware department is proud to provide any computer related hardware or peripheral through its partnerships with the largest hardware resellers worldwide. We allocate any brand need anywhere at anytime.

Desktops, workstations, peripherals, pc and office computing accessories, notebooks, and network components are amongst our leading hardware offers. Better yet, we provide for whatever the customer requires by contracted demand.

AZTech can also do System installation and upgrades include hardware, interfacing and software. This facet of the service is as such as to give any side of the entire systems performance, and productivity, the needed considerations.

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