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Customers’ needs in banking and e-payment business varies according to their changing states.

Online Banking

Offers the customers almost all branch services. But in an easy secure and swift experience. These services could be available in mobile version and PC web version users.

POS & Self-Service KIOSKs

We provide smart services for your demands, consisting of high efficient, innovative and customized payment solution

Payment Gateway

It is an e-payment gateway, to facilitate linking applications and websites with several payment service providers, which allow card holders pay for their merchants online in few steps.

Host-Bank Interface HBI

It is a program that connects banks with the payment switch services, allowing bank customers to use all the services provided by the payment switch through the various payment channels (ATMs, POS, payment phone applications, Portable SMS, etc…)

Security and Payment Encryption Devices

We are agents for one of the largest and most powerful financial transaction security companies – PayShield, which provides the HSM – Hardware Security Module.

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